Getting Started With the Arduino Pro Mini

Just yesterday I received my Arduino Pro Mini  (US$ 4.00) and a USB to serial FTDI programmer unit (US$ 2.00). I’m amazed at the price of these little devices. They’re so incredibly cheap!! I needed these to complete work on my Nikon IR Remote Hack Project. Continue reading


Silicone Model of a Human Hand

For me, the hand is easily the most interesting part of the human body. It is the means that we use the most to modify the environment around us and its functionality is what many say, sets us apart from the apes. Continue reading

DIY Nikon Remote Hack Part II – light sensitive trigger release

The next level of functionality we will add to our Nikon ML-L3 Remote Hack is the ability to respond to changes in ambient light (such as during a flash of lightning). The goal will be to design a threshold detector that fires the shutter release mechanism whenever lightning/ some other light is incident on a light sensitive sensor. Continue reading