DIY Nikon IR Remote Control : PIR Sensor

The last capability that I want to include in my DIY Nikon IR Remote Control is a motion sensor mechanism that could trigger the camera shutter release. This would be great for people like wildlife enthusiasts to photograph shy or nocturnal animals.

In my design, I will use a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor to detect motion and trigger a shutter release event. The PIR I have used is like the one shown below. These sensors are extremely cheap (under US$ 4.00)  and are perfect for motion sensing. This particular model has a field of view of about 110 degrees and can measure movements upto about 8 – 12 feet away.

Basically the sensor starts off by measuring the ambient IR signature of its surroundings and
setting a threshold level. When a warm object like a human body or an animal moves in front of the sensor, the changes in the IR environment are detected and if these changes exceed a designated threshold, an output signal is generated by the PIR device. This output can be used to trigger any type of action, in my case this output will trigger the emission of a shutter release trigger signal.

The PIR has three leads connected to it:-

1. Power lead +5V
2. Ground lead
3. Signal out lead that goes HIGH whenever motion is detected
The PIR also has two potentiometers that can be used to adjust the following:-

1. A threshold sensitivity setting
2. The duration for which the output lead will persist at HIGH after a motion event has occurred. On my PIR, this can be set to between 5 to 120 seconds.
As like my trials with an LDR earlier on, I used an LED to simulate a trigger release signal. My initial results were very encouraging and now that I have this last sensor working, I can get to work on bringing everything together and building a functional remote control for my Nikon DSLR.

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