LDR Lightning Detector : Trials and Demonstration

A couple of nights ago we had a thunderstorm with lots of lightning. Obviously this was the perfect opportunity to test my LDR Lightning Detector and the GL was good enough to shake me out of my slumber and remind me to  test out the circuit I had designed earlier.

Of course by the time I had dragged myself out of bed and rebuilt the circuit on my Arduino UNO, the storm had all but passed and I just managed to get the circuit up and running as the last of the lightning was fading into the distance.

At first, the sensitivity of the LDR just wasnt enough to cross even the lowest threshold I could set on the Threshold potentiometer. But a little bit of quick thinking saved the day and I managed to get the circuit working by adding a second LDR in parallel with the first one. Here is the video of the circuit at work.

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