DIY Multifunctional Nikon ML-L3 Remote Part 5: Prototyping

This weekend I built a debugging/ prototyping version of my DIY Nikon ML-L3 multifunctional remote control. In my last post, the circuit design was done using KICAD which is great for complex circuits and for professionals but a little too advanced for simple folks like me. Happily enough, I stumbled onto Fritzing, which is free to download and use and is amazing for breadboard design and prototyping.

Fritzing. Great for circuit design and PCB creation

Fritzing. Great for circuit design and PCB creation

Fritzing can do everything from breadboard prototyping all the way upto PCB design.
If you havent tried it yet, I strongly recommend that you download it and give it a try.
Basic Fritzing operations can be learnt in a matter of minutes and its extremely easy and intuitive to use. Its also very easy to add your own components to the database and upload and share your work with the Fritzing community.

So here is my prototype design using Fritzing. Notice that I havent yet added a power supply…I havent yet decided what type of supply would be ideal…I need to find a nice enclosure for the project and then home in on a power supply unit. In my prototype I will be using power from my laptop via the USB.

Breadboard design using Fritzing

Breadboard design using Fritzing

The prototype is built around an Arduino Pro Mini and is capable of:

1. Intervalometer mode. Timer based shutter triggering. User can set number of trigger releases and interval between easy trigger.
2. Photosensitive Mode. Triggering is based on comparison of ambient light level and threshold setting.
3. Motion Detection Mode. Motion sensing PIR sensor triggers a shutter release signal
4. Manual Mode. Push button triggers the signal. This mode is what a normal Nikon ML-L3 would be capable of.

In my previous posts I’ve gone through all the technical details of how each mode in this remote control will function, so lets jump directly into the youtube video where each component and operation mode is explained…

Next step…FABRICATION!!!

1 thought on “DIY Multifunctional Nikon ML-L3 Remote Part 5: Prototyping

  1. My humble opinion, pls don’t mind it. I don’t know anything electronics type stuffs but one thing i know, you are becoming Master of Ardweenos. videos we like to watch muchly.

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