Arduino Pro Mini Controlling Robot Arm via Qt GUI

This project brings to fruition 3 components that I have been working on:-

1. Qt Serial interface with an Arduino that can transfer data upto 115200 kbps with rudimentary error checking. Source code (arduinotalker.cpp and arduinotalker.h) available here.

2. Custom PCB using a Arduino Pro Mini as a 6 servo controller. Circuit Diagram available (pro_mini_6_Servo_controller.fzz) here.

3. 6 DOF Robot Arm powered with a 6V 5A DC external power regulator.

6 DOF Robot ARm with Arduino Pro Mini Controller

6 DOF Robot ARm with Arduino Pro Mini Controller

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Arts, Crafts, Animatronic Hands!

For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to get my head around quaternions. More specifically I need to learn how to manipulate them in a 3D environment. Its at times like this that I wish I had paid more attention to maths in school. Sigh!!

Anyway, on Sunday I decided to take a break from vector rotations, gimbal locks, matrices etc etc and got to work on an old project that I had put on hold. Arts and crafts is not really something that I do very often, or am good at, but on this occasion it turned out quite nicely. While there’s nothing really new here…its all very basic stuff, no fancy algorithms, just a little bit of work with the hands, some glue and a teensy bit of imagination.

The results are quite entertaining, far from perfect, but a nice little project for a Sunday afternoon. Take a look….