Experimental Robotic Platform Part 1 – Building the Chassis

After successfully completing this superb online course from Stanford University on Machine Learning, I am now quite confident with designing and programming neural networks. Also, playing around with the incredibly powerful openCV library has got me experimenting with computer vision. If I were to try and put these two powerful tools together, and the most obvious outcome would be intelligent, vision capable robots.

But before I get into any of the complex programming needed to create these robots, I first need to build myself a proper ERP, an Experimental Robotic Platform. So this weekend, I spent most of my time working on an ERP chassis……….

I started with a simple block of teak wood (left over from some old carpentry project). I cut this to size and drilled holes for the motor foundations and for the cable conduits.

Wooden base for the ERP

Wooden base for the ERP

A coat of black paint added a little finesse to the chassis. Next, I screwed four DC motor clamps to their foundations. I decided I wanted a robot that could DO things, so I drilled two more holes for the base of a 6 DOF robotic arm.

Motor Foundations

Motor Foundations

I figured 4 Wheel Drive would give me best traction, and since the weight of the robot was likely to keep increasing as I added components, the extra torque from 4 motors instead of 2 would always be welcome.

DC Motors in place

DC Motors in place

I used these 110mm wheels for the project. While they may not be suitable for outdoor/ rough terrain use, I think they are perfect for my initial experiments.110mm wheels

I fitted my 6 DOF robotic arm from this project onto the chassis and built a tower with mechano pieces. This tower would need to a little taller than the robot arm (To allow the onboard sensors to be able to “see” in front), and it would need to be able to house the electronics as well.

Compartments and Robotic Arm

Compartments and Robotic Arm

Here is the finished product…waiting for the first stage of electronics integration – simple remote control.

An ant's eye view

An ant’s eye view






2 thoughts on “Experimental Robotic Platform Part 1 – Building the Chassis

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