Experimental Robotic Platform Part 3: Wireless Commands and Remote Control

In this post I outline the progress made on ERP1 (Construction and basic electronics onboard ERP1 can be reviewed here) over the past few weeks…

ERP 1. Wireless Mobile Robot

ERP 1. Wireless Mobile Robot

The robotic arm is now fully operational. It has 6 Degrees of Freedom and can be controlled remotely from any laptop running the interface software.The robotic hand is capable of simple tasks such as lifting and carrying small objects. I have attached a wireless AV camera to the robotic hand. A human operator can now “see” what the robot is doing and issue commands accordingly over the wireless data link.

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Grab Every Hilltop

Let me see if I understand how Israel does what it does…..

1. Claim a historical/religious belonging to the land.

2. Buy up whole swaths of land from poor farmers. Settle there, reproduce, buy more land. Repeat.

3. If the locals rise up in opposition, massacre them. Assassinate the internationally recognised mediator trying to resolve the issue. Blow up a hotel while the going is good.

King David Hotel. Blown up by the IRgun in 1946 under the orders of Menachem Begin

King David Hotel. Blown up by the Irgun in 1946 under the orders of Menachem Begin. See 4 below.

4. It doesn’t matter that you ran a terrorist organization, you can still win a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, thats right, a Nobel Peace Prize!!

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