Grab Every Hilltop

Let me see if I understand how Israel does what it does…..

1. Claim a historical/religious belonging to the land.

2. Buy up whole swaths of land from poor farmers. Settle there, reproduce, buy more land. Repeat.

3. If the locals rise up in opposition, massacre them. Assassinate the internationally recognised mediator trying to resolve the issue. Blow up a hotel while the going is good.

King David Hotel. Blown up by the IRgun in 1946 under the orders of Menachem Begin

King David Hotel. Blown up by the Irgun in 1946 under the orders of Menachem Begin. See 4 below.

4. It doesn’t matter that you ran a terrorist organization, you can still win a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, thats right, a Nobel Peace Prize!!

5. Make friends with a big guy, the local bully. Call him Big Brother. Find a way to arm twist Big Brother into supporting you always. Get him to veto every single UNSC resolution against you.

6. Do whatever the hell you want. If anyone raises their voice, label them anti-semitic. Make sure you say this LOUDLY, they’ll back off, they always have.

7. Illegally occupy land. Build settlements. If anyone objects, do 5 and 6.

8. Here’s a nice quote …..“Everybody has to move, run and grab as many hilltops as they can to enlarge the settlements, because everything we take now will stay ours. Everything we don’t grab will go to them.” – Ariel Sharon

9. Build a wall. A big one. Ensure it vivisects every locality, every village, every road of the people under occupation. Ignore the fact that its totally illegal to build a structure like this over occupied land and that it is a violation of basic human rights of the people under occupation. For good measure, ensure the wall cuts off water and electricity distribution in the occupied territories.

Photo Credit: Mark Venezia

Photo Credit: Mark Venezia

9. Blockade an entire country, by sea, air and land. Choke the population. Issue a list of contraband items that could be used for terrorist acts. Make sure to include toys, cardamom, vinegar, fishing nets, musical instruments, donkey, goats, A4 size paper and potato chips on the contraband list. “Moderate” web content so that it becomes difficult for the average person to become aware of this brutal travesty of justice.

9. If anyone tries to get through the blockade, send in Marine Commandos to stop them. Make sure you tell everyone that the wheelchairs they were carrying can be modified for use by terrorists. Better yet, just blow the damn ship out of the water.

Gaza Ark after an Israeli air strike

Gaza Ark after an Israeli air strike. Photo Credit Montreal Gazette

10. Use F-16s, Apache AH-64 helicopters and laser guided bombs for targeted assassinations. Aerial footage makes sure your drones will sell nicely on the international arms market.

11. Drop a 1000 lb bomb on an invalid cleric in a wheelchair. Defiantly declare that he was a threat to your national security. Do this to as many people as you like.

12. On regular intervals, invade a refugee camp. Make sure that tanks and dogs are used in the incursion. Destroy schools, smash computers, tell your troops its OK to shit and piss on the floor of the poor people you are terrorizing.

UN Refugee School premises used for detentions, interrogations, and then finally destroyed by occupying troops

UN Refugee School in Nablus used for detentions, interrogations, and then finally destroyed by occupying troops

13. Build illegal settlements on occupied land. Ignore international outrage. After all, no one would dare lift a finger against you. If they do, just yell loudly, “Anti-semite!”. They’ll back off, they always do.

14. If a party you don’t particularly care for is democratically elected inside the occupation zone, disregard the whole election process, refuse to recognise their legitimacy and claim that they were terrorists anyway. Make sure Big Brother agrees with you, in public at least.

14. Every three years or so, start a war. Use tanks, fighter aircraft and naval bombardments against a civilian population that is trapped within the conflict area. Make sure your blockade is secure and no one can get out of your killing zone.

15. Deploy incendiary weapons like White Phosphorus over populated areas. Deny that you used them. Agree to stop only after photographic evidence shows White Phosphorus bombs exploding over houses and streets.

16. Build an army of lobbyists. Make sure they know their jobs well. Make sure they have Big Brother by the bollocks. Make sure the media airs only “approved” programming. Make sure its right wing and pro-occupation.

17. Deftly slip some Polonium-210 into the right hands. In a few weeks, the main political strongman within the occupied territories will be in the ground forever.

18. Ignore the opinion of the International Court of Justice. Do whatever the hell you like.

19. When the people under occupation ask for statehood at the UN, make sure Big Brother votes against it. Get Big Brother to arm twist his minions in the West Pacific to vote against it as well.

20. Keep harping on about protecting your own people from terrorists. Misdirect attention away from the statistics that show you killed almost 1500 Palestinian children between September 2000 and May 2012. Samer Samir Sudki Tabanja, age 12, was just one of those children. He was killed by gunfire to his head from an IDF helicopter gunship while watching a demonstration in Nablus.


An Israeli AH-1 Gunship similar to the one that was used to kill Samer

An Israeli AH-1 Gunship similar to the one that was used to kill Samer Tabanja. The US also supplies Israel with the more advanced AH-64 Apache Helicopter Gunship

20. Never forget, Grab Every Hilltop.

This is how the nation of Israel, with plenty of help from its Big Brother, the United States, does what it does. If you think this sort of international thuggery is wrong and needs to be stopped, do something to help the Palestinian cause. Sign up for a newsletter, sign a petition, write a blog post, wave a banner, wear a kuffiyeh, boycott Israeli products, tell people about these atrocities, leave a comment below, do anything you can, but do something if you think this sort of arrogance has no place in today’s world.

David and Goliath

David stands his ground against Goliath.                               Photo Credit : Musa Al-Shaer






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