What Lucky Children You Are!

Come close little children,

Come close, come near,

You’ll cheer and clap,

with what you will hear.


I have some news

This news is huge

Some news have I,

news you can use.

My news is fresh

I hope its not true

They’re changing your books

For now, just a few.

Take a look for yourselves

Take a look and see,

Mahabharat is science

They said it, not me

Its science they say

they say its all true

its science for them

and soon for you too

They don’t really care

for Occam’s Razor

its seems all they want

is a saffron blazer

They’re experts in culture

with historians in tow,

doing scientific research

How? Only they know.

scieneFreedom of speech

and a secular dream

Are vanishing fast

to me it does seem

I read long ago

of Hoover and Stalin,

we headed that way?

Just bear it and grin.

hoover stalin

No beef they say,

ban this and that,

Ban books and kissing,

at the drop of a hat.

My father once taught me

When he was around

that right wing bigotry

will always abound

We’re partly to blame

We cheered when they won

Now look at what’s happened

Oh! What have we done?


Worse things have happened

We’ve seen this before

Ask Galileo and Bruno

from dark days of yore

Will they shut me down?

I’m sure they will

I don’t give a damn

I just love the thrill


So join in my struggle

Fear nothing my friend

Be better than them

Truth wins in the end

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