Upping the Raspberry Pi’s Field of View

My last analemma attempt was only the 22nd successful attempt in the history of mankind and after a break of nearly four years, I’m finally ready to try again. This time I hope to automate the process using a Raspberry Pi computer.


The factory camera for the Raspberry Pi comes with a tiny lens that has a Field of View of about 67 degrees diagonal(53 degrees Horizontal and 41 degrees Vertical). As any analemma enthusiast will tell you, this FOV just barely meets the minimum FOV needed (I will post details on this soon) to achieve a full figure-of-eight image with enough room on the sides for a nice foreground image. So the only way I can get my Pi to capture a full analemma is by changing the factory lens.

Luckily this is done quite easily. I followed the excellent instructions posted here to remove my factory lens and fitted an M12 (12mm) mounting bracket from a old broken webcam in place of the factory lens. Unfortunately the mounting screws did not line up with the holes provided on the Pi’s camera PCB and so I just glued it into place. This is what the result looks like…

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