KEEP OUT: Aussies on Patrol

I’m not a very political person. I don’t care much for international relations, economic policies and other such crap. But here is something that popped up on my screen while I was surfing the web, and I was so appalled that I had to write this post.

It is a poster created by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, directed at refugees fleeing persecution, headed towards Australia. Let me reiterate….this is not propaganda from the right wing lobby, this is the voice of the Government of Australia!!!


What disgusts me is that this policy is in complete and utter disregard to Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that every human has a right to seek, and be granted, asylum from persecution. Whats even more outrageous is that Australia has managed to come up with an immigration policy like this even after it has ratified the UDHR.

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Grab Every Hilltop

Let me see if I understand how Israel does what it does…..

1. Claim a historical/religious belonging to the land.

2. Buy up whole swaths of land from poor farmers. Settle there, reproduce, buy more land. Repeat.

3. If the locals rise up in opposition, massacre them. Assassinate the internationally recognised mediator trying to resolve the issue. Blow up a hotel while the going is good.

King David Hotel. Blown up by the IRgun in 1946 under the orders of Menachem Begin

King David Hotel. Blown up by the Irgun in 1946 under the orders of Menachem Begin. See 4 below.

4. It doesn’t matter that you ran a terrorist organization, you can still win a Nobel Peace Prize. Yes, thats right, a Nobel Peace Prize!!

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Capturing the Elusive Analemma

This image, taken from Visakhapatnam (17 40 N 083 17 E), is possibly the first recording of the Analemma of the Sun ever captured in India. It combines a sequence of 26 individual photographs taken from 24 March 2013 to 13 March 2014. Superimposed over each other, they demonstrate the movements of the sun through the sky over a full calendar year. Click on the image for a larger view.

Analemma of the Sun

Analemma of the Sun

I photographed this sequence using a Nikon D40x camera and a variable ND filter, adjusting filter density, shutter speed and aperture settings at each instance to captureĀ  only the sun’s disc, leaving the rest of the frame completely black. The final image combines all 26 exposures with a background shot I took later.

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To This I Put My Name

These are my struggles. It is most likely that I will never be able to express them accurately, or in full measure. But I will try. These writings are for me, and so if you are reading them, and are displeased with what you read, feel free to turn away from them at any time.

My small brain cannot process art. Like many children, poetry that didn’t rhyme meant very little to me. Music without tempo and art without symmetry remains a mystery to me even today. My brain cannot process these things, I must see patterns to see beauty. And my small brain can only recognise the simplest of patterns. But this post is not about understanding content, it is about understanding trauma.

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