My Python Archive

This is just an archive of links to various Python projects I made while enrolled for the Python programming classes at Coursera.

Feel free to click on the links, play the games and re-use the code as you like (except if you are doing them as part of Coursera’s homework assignments)!!!

Just press the ‘Play’ button on the CodeSkulptor toolbar to start the program.

Start a codeskulptor program

Start a codeskulptor program

Drum Test. A testing program to simulate a rotating drum originally developed by the Royal Air Force to find suitable candidates for their pilot training programme. This was adapted from a test used to select Bus Drivers in London!

Memory. A simple number based game using the rules of the card game, Memory

Blackjack. Fancy a little gambling?

Asteroids Clone. Shoot the asteroids. Sound effects will probably only work inside Google’s Chrome browser 😦

Obstacle Avoidance. An obstacle avoidance program for autonomous robots. First set the goal, add obstacles as needed and then step the robot through the arena and observe as it reaches the goal but avoids crashing into obstacles enroute.

TwentyFortyEight. Homework assignment to create a clone of the addictive game 2048. You can find the original version here.