Haptic Controlled Robot Hand

This project brings together the DIY Haptic Control Glove and the Robotic Hand that I made earlier. The cost of this entire project was less than 25 US$. For details on how they were built and how they work, just follow the link for each.

This video demostrates the complete project.

1. Calibration of the glove
2. Control of the fingers
3. Touching finger tips of little and index fingers to demonstrate
thumb movement
4. Performing a simple task
5. Detail of servo movements

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void ArduinoTalker::Serial_Class_for_Qt_5()

I have been learning Qt for a while now, and one its features is the very powerful concept of SIGNALS and SLOTS. I have become very dependent on the signal-slot mechanism and I use it liberally in the projects that I play around with.

Having experimented with the Arduino, and having gotten quite familiar with the basics, I needed a way to port Arduino data into the Qt environment so that I could do more complex stuff than the Arduino’s 32KB memory onboard memory would allow. Most examples of porting Arduino data to a PC are implemented with the processing programming language . Programming in processing is quite simple to learn, and easy to distribute when you’re done. But processing is doesn’t have a very well developed GUI and I needed a way to connect my Arduino into the Qt environment because I really like the signal-slot mechanism.
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