Experimental Robotic Platform Part 3: Wireless Commands and Remote Control

In this post I outline the progress made on ERP1 (Construction and basic electronics onboard ERP1 can be reviewed here) over the past few weeks…

ERP 1. Wireless Mobile Robot

ERP 1. Wireless Mobile Robot

The robotic arm is now fully operational. It has 6 Degrees of Freedom and can be controlled remotely from any laptop running the interface software.The robotic hand is capable of simple tasks such as lifting and carrying small objects. I have attached a wireless AV camera to the robotic hand. A human operator can now “see” what the robot is doing and issue commands accordingly over the wireless data link.

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Experimental Robotic Platform : Part 2 – Electronics and Radio Communication

Once the Chassis for my Experimental Robotic Platform was complete, I got to work on the electronics and control sections of the robot. Here are some details about the electronics of my ERP:-

1. Power Supply.

Power Supply

Power Supply.

Power for the 4 high torque DC motors comes from a single 1.3Ah 12 V battery. The second battery (the taller one) is a 4.5 Ah 6V battery that will power the micro-controller unit (an Arduino Mega) and the six servos that control the robotic arm. Once basic testing operations are completed, I will add two more servos for a pan-tilt sensor mechanism (wireless camera/ sonar ranger/ IR sensor etc) that will also draw power from this 6V battery.

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Experimental Robotic Platform Part 1 – Building the Chassis

After successfully completing this superb online course from Stanford University on Machine Learning, I am now quite confident with designing and programming neural networks. Also, playing around with the incredibly powerful openCV library has got me experimenting with computer vision. If I were to try and put these two powerful tools together, and the most obvious outcome would be intelligent, vision capable robots.

But before I get into any of the complex programming needed to create these robots, I first need to build myself a proper ERP, an Experimental Robotic Platform. So this weekend, I spent most of my time working on an ERP chassis……….

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