Haptic Controlled Robot Hand

This project brings together the DIY Haptic Control Glove and the Robotic Hand that I made earlier. The cost of this entire project was less than 25 US$. For details on how they were built and how they work, just follow the link for each.

This video demostrates the complete project.

1. Calibration of the glove
2. Control of the fingers
3. Touching finger tips of little and index fingers to demonstrate
thumb movement
4. Performing a simple task
5. Detail of servo movements

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DIY Haptic Control Glove

To test the working of a robot hand like the one I built earlier, I needed a haptic control glove that would encode the flexing of my fingers into electrical signals. These signals would be interpreted by a microcontroller (like the ATMEGA328 on the Arduino platform) and cause the servo motors on the robot hand to mimic my finger movements inside the glove. Electronic puppetry.

Robot Hand needs a puppeteer

Robot Hand needs a puppeteer

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Starting Robotics: Haptic Controlled Robotic Claw

Now that my 6 DOF robot arm is assembled and tested, I thought it would be
nice to get working on the first technique I need to understand: haptic control.

Haptic : Of or relating to the sense of touch; tactile. [Greek haptikos, from haptesthai, to grasp, touch.]

The basics of haptic control:-

1. Sense the movements of the human body
2. quantify these movements into electrical signals
3. control robotics with the electrical impulses
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