Obstacle Avoidance for Clever Robots

Most robots, especially autonomous robots, need to be clever enough to avoid bumping into obstacles. To do this they need sensors to investigate the environment around them, they need to process this data and identify obstacles in their vicinity. Finally, they need to be able to generate motor commands that steer them clear of any obstacles around them. This is the simplest form of obstacle avoidance and there are tons of examples on the internet, with plenty of little robots that can do this quite nicely.

With this sort of rudimentary obstacle avoidance algorithm, a robot could keep clear of obstacles but it would most likely wander around aimlessly while doing so. Sometimes robots need to be a little more intelligent. They need to reach a goal…perhaps they are chasing a target, perhaps they need to reach one of many way-points along a pre-determined path, perhaps they are headed toward a battery charging point or a position of interest, maybe they are meeting up with a friend, perhaps they need to duck under enemy radar cover while approaching a target!! Whatever the case, these kinds of robots…robots that can navigate intelligently, need to have a slightly more robust obstacle avoidance behaviour built into them.

Clever Robots can avoid obstacles as they head towards a goal

Clever Robots can avoid obstacles as they head towards a goal

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