Haptic Controlled Robot Hand

This project brings together the DIY Haptic Control Glove and the Robotic Hand that I made earlier. The cost of this entire project was less than 25 US$. For details on how they were built and how they work, just follow the link for each.

This video demostrates the complete project.

1. Calibration of the glove
2. Control of the fingers
3. Touching finger tips of little and index fingers to demonstrate
thumb movement
4. Performing a simple task
5. Detail of servo movements

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Building a Better Robotic Hand

The word robot comes from the Polish word ‘robota’ meaning forced labour. In Russia, robota means just work, employment or operation. Funny, I’ve spent nearly two years in Russia and have probably spoken this word many many times, never really realising that it is also the root word for robot!

Anyway, this post is a photo-essay/tutorial on how I built my new robotic hand.

Everything is in place

Robotic Hand Version 2.

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Arts, Crafts, Animatronic Hands!

For the last two weeks I’ve been trying to get my head around quaternions. More specifically I need to learn how to manipulate them in a 3D environment. Its at times like this that I wish I had paid more attention to maths in school. Sigh!!

Anyway, on Sunday I decided to take a break from vector rotations, gimbal locks, matrices etc etc and got to work on an old project that I had put on hold. Arts and crafts is not really something that I do very often, or am good at, but on this occasion it turned out quite nicely. While there’s nothing really new here…its all very basic stuff, no fancy algorithms, just a little bit of work with the hands, some glue and a teensy bit of imagination.

The results are quite entertaining, far from perfect, but a nice little project for a Sunday afternoon. Take a look….